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Fundamentals 2-Beings
Written by Symphonia
Beings in Aidia
There are 5 general types of beings in Aidia.
There are 3 kinds in Earth

Humans-Divinai, Battltrix, Galatiatrix
Animals (Self-explanatory)
Creatures-Animalia, Insectoids, Elementai, Sacreds, Graces
Spirits-Espers, Psyche, Specters, Dolls, Anglia, Devi
Power of Divination => Humans= Divinai
Power of the Stars => Humans = Galatiatrix
Power of the Valkyries (Art of Battle) => Humans = Battletrix
Animals => Humans = Mutants
Animals + Magica => Humans = Animalia
Insects + Magica => Humans = Insectoids
Humans + Elements= Elementi
Anglia + Specter= Espers
Devi + Specter=Psyches
Human - Soul = Dolls
Human - Body = Specters
(Anglia, Devi, and Opahalla are the only beings that are not created by combination of different species)

1. Humans-There are 2 types of Humans. Normal Humans, and humans with magical qualities.
  • Divinai-These are Humans born with the power of the Divination. They are sleek and slender, and are femininely beautiful. It is often that when the are born, they have a Divination Birthmark on their hands, chest or head, in which they draw their power from. The iris of their eyes are misting, as it allows them to see into the future. They are capable of talking to spirits. (But that doesn’t make them blind)
  • Battltrix-These are Humans born with the power over the Art of Battle. They are huge and muscular, and are roguishly handsome. It is often that when they are born, they have a power core somewhere inside their body, and it is the source of their strength, as well as their weakness. The iris of their eyes are always burning, as it gives them passion for the fight. They are capable of talking to the Valkyries.
  • Galatiatrix-These are Humans born with the power of the Stars. They are slender, yet muscular, and are mysteriously comely. It is often that when the are born, they have a constellation tattoo on their bodies, in which they draw their virtue from. The iris of their eyes have glittering stars, for it allows them to see the cosmos. They are capable of talking to the Constellations in the sky.

2. Animals
Pretty much self explanatory…there may be a few moderation of some animals to fit scenario of Aidia so yeah…I alter or create them as I see fit.

3. Creatures
Animalia- Humans merged with mammals or any kind of sea creatures that have magical elements.
  • Mermaids-half human, half sea creature.
  • Sirens-Half Mermaid, half Fairy-much more dangerous versions of Mermaids
  • Krakens-Half Human, Half Octopus
  • Harpy-Half human, half Bird
  • Sphinx-half human, half Cat
  • Serpent-half human, half Snake
  • Kitsune-half human, half Fox
  • Dragoon-half human, half Dragon
  • Centaur-Half human, half Horse
  • Satyr-half human, half Goat
  • Fauns-half human, half Deer
  • Saber-Half Human, Half Wolf
  • Bunny-Half Human, Half Rabbit
Insectoids-Humans that are half Insect with Magical Qualities
  • Arachni-Half Human, Half Spider
  • Glimmer-Half Human, Half Fireflies
  • Fairy-Half Human, Half Butterfly
  • Mantis-Half Human, half Praying Mantis
  • Dragoon Fairy-Half Human, Half Dragonfly
  • Beefree-Half Human, Half Bee

Elementi: Humans that have half formed with elements of nature.
  • Embers-Humans fused w/ Fire
  • Zephyrs-Humans fused w/ Wind
  • Electras-Humans fused w/ Thunder
  • Floras- Humans fused w/ Grove (Like plants)
  • Dryads-Humans fused w/ Wood (Like Trees)
  • Oceanids-Humans fused w/ Water
  • Glacillia- Humans fused w/ Ice
  • Oras-Humans fused w/ Metal
  • Terras-Humans fused w/ Earth
  • Essentia-Humans fused w/ Soul
  • Sprite-Humans fused w/ Energy
  • Eras-Humans fused w/ Time
  • Lucida-Humans fused w/ Crystal
  • Abysi-Humans fused w/ Mist
  • Gallactica-Humans fused w/ Stars (Not to be confused with Galatiax)
5. Spirits
  • Espers-Half Specters, half Anglia
  • Psyche-Half Specters, half Devi
  • Specters-Souls that have left the Body
  • Dolls-Bodies that have no souls
  • Anglia-Half Human, Half Angel
  • Devi-Half Human, Half Demon
6. Unknown.
  • Ophalla-Mysterious Beings
Spoilers Ahead-Highlight to read. *READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*

The are two special types of Elementi that are more different and more powerful than the other types:
Sacreds-Daytime beings with Humanoid bodies fused with Fire, Thunder, Energy, Earth, Grove, Metal, Wind.
Graces-Nighttime beings with humanoid bodies fused with Water, Stars, Mist, Soul, Ice, Wood, Crystal, Time.

Isteni órabillegõ (Hungarian for Divine Balance)
There are entities in Aidia They were the first beings of Aidia- the Dapprima Persone (In Italian), and were responsible in the aiding of humans, creatures, spirits. Most of the are kinda standoffish-they don’t like to interfere with eachother too much, or at all. Most of them also don’t like to mess with Humans either. There’s only a few Orabillego that like to interact with the others and humans.

Vehaitrix are the male Isteni órabillegõ of Aidia.
  • Aisu, Dapprima Persone of Ice-His altar resides in the land of Lafaiya, along with Mizu. He is very unfeeling and likes to take care of business. Stern and quiet, an Vehaitrix of few words. He does not interact with the other Divine Balancers much. He likes his solitude and is irritated when disturbed with matters other than what the Orabillego are concerned with. He is able to cooperate with Mizu on certain points, but overall really does not like to be in her company, as he finds her too compassionate. Does not like humans too well and will only interact with them when they pray to him for help.
  • Ikazuchi, Dapprima Persone of Thunder- His altar resides in the land of Xeo, which is his alone. He is powerful, and bold. But he has the shortest patience and often jumps the gun, before thinking, and rarely has any kind of sensible reasoning behind the things that he is responsible for. Ikazuchi likes to be the center of attention, and is a little bit bossy. And sometimes he is not always just, as he does tend to have favoritism. He tries to be emotionless, but under his tough exterior, is a very moody person. But he is on good terms with the other Orabillego. Does not like humans very well, but he likes to boss and order them around.
  • Kokugen, Dapprima Persone of Time-His altar resides in the hidden world of Fylali, which is his alone. He is a very solemn and serious Vehaitrix who likes his solitude. And he is, by far, the most patient Orabillego out of them all. He is a Orabillego who likes to go by the rules and enforces them very strictly. He likes to think things out in a thorough way before taking action, which in itself sometimes takes a while. Kokugen has almost no interaction with the rest of the Divine Balancers, unless it is a matter of utmost importance. He is neutral with humans-doesn’t like them, doesn’t hate them, but will help them when needed.
  • Seishou, Dapprima Persone of Energy-His altar resides in the hidden world of Dyshidi, which is his alone. Unlike most of the Orabillego, he appears, in looks and personality, to be a little kid. Being the Orabillego of energy, he is always hyper and bouncy, and is a naturally sweet and kind-hearted. One of the most compassionate Orabillego, and one who cares about the well being of the other Orabillego. But he is a very wise beyond his years, and is respected with equal terms among the Orabillego. He loves humans, loves to interact with them, and favors to help them.
  • Tsuchi, Dapprima Persone of Earth- His altar resides in Astaf, along with Bokusou. He is a very natural and down to earth Tenshu, and is very stable and unmovable person. Tsuchi likes to company of other Orabillego, and does not like to be alone too much. He gets along well with Bokusou, and is the reason in contrast to her generosity. He is also, unlike most of the other male Orabillego, very kind hearted and sympathetic. He likes humans, and will interact with them occasionally.
  • Uindo, Dapprima Persone of Wind-His altar resides in Veera, which is his alone. A very calm and sensitive Vehaitrix, Uindo, like Tsuchi, is very kind-hearted. Uindo is one of the most patient, next to Tsuchi and Kokugen, among the male Orabillego. He works well with others, and sometimes likes to work alone too. A very wispy Vehaitrix. Though he looks young, he holds his ground against other Orabillego. He likes humans, but not too much.
  • Kasumi, Dapprima Persone of Mist-His altar resides in Farella, which is his and his alone. He is a silent and solemn Orabillego, like most of the Vehaitrix, and generally likes to be alone. He is a loner to the extreme and gives off the impression of sadness. He takes his work very seriously, and is without a doubt, a very clean cut Vehaitrix. Because he is just that serious, he gives off feelings of indifference and coldness, without truly meaning to. Just like the mist when lifted by the sun, he has his random bouts of kindness. The only time he isn’t indifferent with humans, especially with Sakura.

Lafaaiatrix are female Isteni órabillegõ of Aidia.
  • Mizu-Dapprima Persone of Water- Her altar resides in Lafaiya, along with Aisu. Like Aisu, Mizu is silent Lafaaiatrix. She tends to take her work very seriously. But she is also kind and compassionate. Like water, her resolve cannot be broken in contrast to her icy partner, and remains calm no matter what. And like the raging ocean in the violent storm, it takes a lot to make her lose her cool. She does not mind the company of other Orabillego, and she does like to be alone too. She is especially fond of helping humans.
  • Uddo-Dapprima Persone of Wood- Her altar resides in Acapella, which is hers alone. One of the most mystical Orabillego. She is very down to earth and is generally a serene Lafaaiatrix. Nothing really gets her going. She is an indifferent, but kind person. She prefers to live and work alone, and only come into contact with the other Orabillego when needed. Probably the most calmest and reasonable of the Orabillego. She tolerates humans, but prefers creatures much more.
  • Bokusou-Dapprima Persone of Grove-Her altar resides in Astaf, along with Tsuchi. Like Tsuchi, Bokusou is very kind-hearted. She is also joyful and harmonious-and is generally the most friendly and has a playful nature. She has undying compassion for everything, an is the most forgiving of all the Orabillego. She likes to help others and is always concerned with the well being of her colleagues, as well as Aidia itself. But she does not let her extreme kindness blind her judgment-she knows right from wrong, and when some situations can’t be helped. And even though she is forgiving, she has a one-time trust attitude. She is on good terms with the other Orabillego. She loves humans, and desires to help them very much.
  • Faia-Dapprima Persone of Fire- Her altar resides in Khadijj, which is hers alone. Faia is a strong and bold Lafaaiatrix, and is very brave. But she also is a hot-head-she has a reckless, harsh and brash nature that can lead to destruction. A fierce and serious person, and a bit destructive. But like a small flame, she can be gentle when she calms down. She gets along with the other Orabillego. She tolerates humans, but only for business and prefers creatures to them, like Uddo.
  • Kinszoku-Dapprima Persone of Metal-Her altar resides in Zynon, which is hers alone. Kinzoku is, without a doubt, the most antisocial and indifferent Orabillego of all. She does not like the company of the Orabillego, does not like to speak, is completely silent and wants total and complete solitude. Kinszoku likes to cut to the chase and is very hostile. She is only in contact with the other Orabillego when it pertains to utmost importance. She is also the least friendly. She is like Icy-steel. She has no tolerance and is very destructive. She also does not like humans, or any living thing for that matter, and does not like to help them at all.
  • Shuensha-Dapprima Persone of the Stars-Her altar resides in Juyo, which is hers alone. Shuensha is a mystery and a peculiar Lafaaiatrix. She has a very interesting nature and has generous and devastating random acts. She has two forms, one of a full grown woman and a the other of a small child, which she likes to switch between often. Not much is known about her. She is barely seen by any of the other Orabillego. And what little of her they do see, she is very hard to deal with, as she randomly decides to cooperate with them. She is sly and clever, and although she is not in very much contact with the other Orabillego, she knows what is going on, and seems to know even more than what she is letting on. She has somewhat of a good relation with the other Orabillego. She is also peculiar with humans, for she likes, hates and is neutral with humans all at the same time.
  • Kihaku-Dapprima Persone of Soul-Her altar resides in Eva, which is hers alone. She is a whole hearted, honest-to-goodness person. She is very loving, generous and caring, towards others and extremely sweet.. She is also very fair, as she treats humans and the Orabillego of equality and fairness. Like Shuensha, she also has two forms, a form of a woman, and a form of a child, in which she too changes often. Her child form she is in more often, and her woman form is reserved for more serious matters. She is extremely kind, and is also brutally honest. She is on good relations with the Orabillego. She loves humans and creatures very much, and likes to help them.
  • Kurisutaru-Dapprima Persone of Crystal-Her altar resides in Kystifi, which is hers alone. Kurisutaru is most definitely like a double-edge sword. Like having a split personality. For the most part, she is sweet, generous, and blissfully kind. But sometimes, her personality splits, and she can become an unforgiving, serious person, like Kinszoku. She is not always fair, and she is not always just, but she does know right from wrong. She gets along well with the other Orabillego, and generally likes humans.

The Supreme Orabillego
  • *To be named*One of the three Trinities. Reigns over the mysterious power of Omega. Has absolute no contact with the other regular Orabillego- only has contact with the other Trinities. Only called for during times of near- instantaneous obliteration.
  • Yvila, One of the three Trinities. Reigns over the mysterious power of Neo. Has absolute no contact with the other regular Orabillego- only has contact with the other Trinities. Only called for during times of near ruin.
  • *To be named* One of the three Trinities. Reigns over the mysterious power of Chaos. Has absolute no contact with the regular Orabillego-only called for during times of superfluous control.
Descendants of the Orabillego
The 16 Orabillego made lesser versions of themselves called Sacreds and Graces and the Three Supreme Orabillego made lesser versions of themselves called Ophalla to help keep the balances of nature in order.

Descendents of Sacreds and Graces
As time went on, and the descendents began to multiply and expand. The elemental powers had broken down and expanded out among the descendants of the Sacreds and Graces. Their descendants each had one element they were born with, and were called the Elementi.
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Here's how it's going down.
~Bonjour, mon amies!~

I've decided that I will use this account for my story, Aidia.

Here's how its going to work:

For every division, there will be a blog:

~Classical Elegance~ Chapter summaries
~Nimble Grace~ Characters
~Balletic Artistry~ History
~Symphonic Benevolence~Fundamentals 1-Worlds
~Empyreal Ambience~Fundamentals 2-Beings
~Whimsical Rhapsody~Fundamentals 3-Cultures
~Azure Skies~Fundamentals 2-Government and Order
~Balmy Breeze~ Inspirations and Influences
~Mellow Waters~ Spoilers

I am still working dilegently on the background info, so it will be a while.
But, I will get it done!

With that said,
I shall take my leave

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